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Thoughts From A Laid Off CBS News Employee: Media Conglomerates Are Killing Journalism

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Media conglomeration spurs unethical journalism. Corporate-controlled journalists are unable to objectively cover the world while protecting the reputation of their parent companies.
Independent journalism is the only way to ensure true transparency and impartiality. 

Let me explain.

Five months ago, I was hired by CBS News as a fact checker for “CBS
This Morning.” I spent 10 hours a day verifying every word of scripts before they aired. I pointed out each factual inaccuracy, missing source or misused terminology. Though tedious, this job was
crucial in the era of fake news and distrust of mainstream media. Superiors frequently commended my work performance and expressed gratitude for my role. 

Last week, I was laid

I was told the layoffs were due to the combined impact of the rec...

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WPP Production Company Hogarth Appoints Epstein North America COO

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WPP global production outfit Hogarth has appointed Elyse Epstein Chief Operating Officer for North America.

She was actually hired in April, but the firm waited until now to announce it.
Companies often do that, just to make sure both sides are happy with the arrangement before going public with an announcement.

Six months later, it seems, both sides feel it’s a good

Previously Epstein was managing director, program management at sibling agency Ogilvy, a role she held for about three years. Earlier she served at Rapp and R/GA in New York and before
that she’s credited with helping to establish R/GA’s London operation.

Hogarth has also promoted Tania Sethi to Chief Production Officer, North America. She’s a six-year
veteran of the company who previously served as global produ...

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Oracle Data Cloud To Launch Ad Measurement Tool For Advertisers

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Oracle on Wednesday will launch Moat Outcomes to provide marketers
with a way to gain business results from their ad campaign within ten days — down from 10 to 13 weeks, providing a solution to one of the biggest challenges advertisers wanted the company to

The tool will become available in its Data Cloud division.

“As you can imagine, that was a cross-collaborative product development effort,” said Kevin Whitcher,
vice president of product management at Oracle Data Cloud.

In many ways, Oracle customers helped us build Moat Outcomes, Whitcher said. “… we had the benefit of advice and
feedback from some of the largest brands and agencies in the world as we built this product on the foundation of our same trusted methodology.”

Whitcher said marketers cannot improve

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Discovery Buys Ad-Tech Startup In Lead-Up To 2021 Streamer Launch

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Discovery Inc. has
acquired the assets of AdSparx, an ad-tech startup, as it prepares to launch its own streaming video service next year.

AdSparx’s cloud-based platform provides server-side in-stream
dynamic ad insertion and on-demand streaming.

The acquisition will enable Discovery to deliver personalized and contextual ads across its global D2C offerings.

“This acquisition
is part of a larger strategy to develop a robust portfolio of digital products, as we continue to scale up our [direct-to-consumer] proposition with locally relevant video experiences in key
international markets,” said Avi Saxena, CTO, global digital, Discovery. 

Discovery also plans to use AdSparx’s DAI solution to deliver viewer-personalized virtual
linear channels.



As part o...

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The Future Of The Entertainment Sector Revealed At ARF Conference

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Day Two of the ARF’s virtual AudienceXScience Conference highlighted an investment banker’s view of the future of the media and entertainment worlds post-COVID,
stressed the value of high “gender equality measure” (GEM) in ads for incremental sales lift, provided insights on mobile advertising effectiveness, and, offered “attention”
(noticed) as a possible common cross-media currency metric for consideration by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) in tits proposed technical measurement design draft just

Laura Martin, partner, Needham & Co, has studied the entertainment business for long- and short-term returns along with associated risk factors for many
years.  Media companies were her focus notably TV/video...

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World Depicted In Amazon's 'Utopia' Is Anything But

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The timing is likely coincidental, but a new drama series
coming to Amazon Prime this week touches on important contemporary topics that are top-of-mind for everybody right now.

The topics are general and international in
scope — pandemics, natural disasters and global warming.

Here in the real world, we are in the midst of a pandemic, while at the same time witnessing a
number of natural disasters including multiple wildfires in the West and so many tropical storms that they ran out of letters in the alphabet to name them with.

In this new Amazon drama series, ironically titled “Utopia,” all of these crises were foretold in a comic book (or series of them).

The comic’s Nostradamus-like predictions were so accurate that the book series has spawned a devoted group of superfans who hav...

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Report: Auto Ad Spend Set To Accelerate In 2021

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Automotive advertising is projected to shrink 21% in 2020 across 10
major markets around the globe, compared to 9% for the ad market as a whole, according to new research from Publicis Groupe media agency Zenith. 

However, spending in the category is
poised to outperform the market in both 2021 and 2022, with 10.5% growth in 2021 and 11.4% growth in 2022. Plus, the worst hit markets will benefit from the biggest recovery next year. U.S. ad spend,
in particular, is down 21.9% for 2020 but is forecast to recover to 11.6% in 2021 and 17.3% in 2022.  

Digital advertising is the only channel forecasted to grow between 2019 and
2022 with Zenith predicting digital will be the only channel in which auto brands spend more in 2022 than in 2019.  

Digital advertising is the most important single ch...

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Content Marketing Revenues To Decline Nearly 7% In The U.S. In 2020

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After years of double-digit percentage growth, U.S. content marketing revenues are expected to decline 6.8% due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, according to PQ Media.

content marketing growth is projected to rise just 1.9% this year. The U.S. accounts for 43% of worldwide revenues.

The U.S. decline comes after a 13.2% spike to $17.94 billion
revenues in 2019.

PQ Media, a marketing and media research company, says strong U.S. growth came from business-to-consumer (B2C) digital content marketing channels, including branded mobile,
social and online video, apps and games.

While the coronavirus pandemic significantly dinged advertising and marketing media worldwide, analysis showed that the hit to content
marketing was “relatively moderate compared to most other media segments...

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In GARM's Way: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Agree To Ad Industry's Harmful Content Standards

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Three of the biggest platforms responsible for
the spread of disinformation and divisive content online — Facebook, YouTube and Twitter — have taken an important step toward a new self-regulatory process negotiated by the World Federation of
Advertisers (WFA).

The platforms have each agreed to adopt a common set of definitions for hate speech and other harmful content and said they will collaborate on the development of
industry monitoring efforts that would help curtail harmful content being distributed in the future.

The agreement is the result of 15 months of “intensive talks” among
marketers, agencies and the digital platforms operating under the auspices of the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM), a cross-industry initiative that was organized by the WFA, and supported

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Tech Lobbying Group Urges FCC To Define Broadband As Gigabit Service

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The Federal Communications Commission should define broadband as internet connections of 1 Gbps, up from the current benchmark of 25 Mbps downstream, the trade group Incompas argues in a new
regulatory filing.

“Markets with gigabit connectivity not only have faster speeds, but also more affordable prices,” Incompas writes. “The U.S. should be adopting benchmarks
that reflect truly ‘advanced’ telecommunications capability, not settling for baseline speeds.”

The organization — which represents online video providers like Amazon, Google and
Netflix, as well as smaller broadband access providers like Wide Open West and Windstream — filed the comments in response to the FCC’s call in August for input on its next report about the state of
broadband in the United States.

The last time t...

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