Is Trump's 'Patriotic Education' Move Really About A New TV Network?

President Trump last Thursday said he would create a commission to promote “patriotic education”  to develop a “pro-American curriculum.” Might
this dovetail with a new-type TV news network?

Trump’s move, according to analysts, is largely political — a reaction to a growing push by some academics to teach American history in a
way that better acknowledges slavery and systemic racism.

Some would say there are TV networks already doing that, including Fox News Channel, especially with its prime-time opinionated shows.
Less criticism, or for many, no criticism? That would be a one-sided point-of-view.

Still, daytime Fox content — including from specific journalists, such as Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith
(who departed last year for CNBC) — provided more straightforward news content.

The United States was built on critical thinking and dissent. Always.



What will Trump do if he loses
the upcoming election? A graceful exit is unlikely. Speculation is he would back or create a conservative-minded TV news network. One recent speculation talked up investment in One America News.

Some of this speculation surfaced in 2016, when it looked like he would lose the election — which he insisted would be “rigged” if he lost. Trump has talked up the same
“rigged” framework this time around.

Trump still lost the overall U.S. popular vote by 3 million. Was that rigged? He started a commission to look into election fraud — and it
found none. He disbanded the commission in 2018.

Now, another commission.

The bottom line is that localities historically get to decide what content they want to teach in schools —
not the President. Likewise, local TV stations’ newcasts also get to decide what content they want to individually cover.

But not all TV station groups. For example, TV stations groups, like
Sinclair Broadcast Group, demanded two years ago that all its local on-air newscasters read the exact same copy about fake news and media bias.

Does that mean the same exact
“patriotic” education? Who is going to determine the curriculum?

Local diversity is good, as is freedom of speech. But facts and the truth are much better.


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