Deepening its efforts to provide business outcome results to its
advertisers, NBCUniversal is offering a metric called Total Investment Impact.

It will measure the effect of an advertiser’s total NBCU media investment — TV, digital platforms, and
other media extensions — on its actual sales.

Honda is a collaborating in the beta launch of Total Measurement Impact, and NBCU expects to have more advertiser partners

The real value with the measure, says NBCU, comes with a “continuous learning model” for each succeeding advertiser, where business outcome plans are made
based on the latest model results.

The metric will look at “media and non-media factors” to measure TV and digital video’s impact, as well as internal and external
factors to evaluate media value, “fluid” time frames for long-term impact of premium video against “arbitrary campaign attribution” windows, and predictive modeling to access



Total Measurement Impact is a component of NBCU’s One Platform, the combined TV and digital ad buying and management platform. One Platform allows marketers
to target key audiences, for all NBC screens, networks, and dayparts, with one single audience guarantee.

NBCU says its move to link media buys to business outcomes got a big push
in 2018 with the launch of CFlight measure, which guarantees as a single TV-video audience guarantee for the entire length of a marketer’s campaign.